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Life on the Final Frontier

Cherry Babcock

NASA recently released the entire collection of Apollo Space Program photos. 8,400 in all. A lot of the photos are of earth and the moon, and feel similar to looking out of the window of a commercial airliner (only flying 560,000 feet higher than normal). Other photos show our Earth from a previously unknown perspective. Portraits of the crew depict the men at ease between maneuvers and experiments. Their eyes are full of excitement and determination for the task at hand. On a voyage far from home. These photos show the every day life of the explorers similar to an exhaustively detailed family photo album. This was the beginning of life on the final frontier. 

You can see the full collection of photos on Flickr at the Project Apollo Archive. If your interested in what the conversation on Apollo was like you can read the flight log at Apollo Flight Journal. Some of our favorites are below: